About Me

This page will explore many aspects of our lives. While work is necessary, I strive to rise above the mundane, day-to-day routine and focus on how one's personality can flourish when given the right amount of attention.

For over the pass ten years I have worked in restaurants. I started off as a server, quickly taking on responsibility over shift-lead. I thrived off learning everything I could and moved into the kitchen as well. My skills advanced and I allocated my career towards local restaurants. Being on the building side of a company is very rewarding. You have the chance to see growth. I had the grandest opportunity to work side by side with my sister in the kitchen. Because we are both dedicated to quality (and a little OCD!) we built a strong customer base between different businesses.

Currently, my progress towards a Bachelor degree in Business is underway, and soon to be completed. My compassion for building something of my own has resonated within me for as long as I can remember.

A creative soul cannot be tamed. To take a moment and release some energy on producing a piece of art or crafting a project is very satisfying. I hope to relay all the levels of my life within and appreciate your visit!