Restoration-Nightstand (80’s)

Restoration-Nightstand (80’s)

Restoration - Nightstand (80's)

Finding an old piece of furniture that you have a connection to is a nostalgic feeling.  Stories must flow through the grain of the wood itself, as do the permanent indention of scruff marks; as if it’s journey has been a long, treacherous existence.  It no longer shines as it did, and the drawers are falling of its wheels.  A simple solution to this is to restore it to my liking, of course!

This particular piece was my grandmothers.  Certainly, it is nothing special.  Just a plain old nightstand.  You can go to any furniture store, flea market or yard sale and find one that is similar.  Though, it is my grandmothers; I can remember shuffling through the drawers while she laid on her bed watching Dick Van Dyke, as her hot cup of Rose Gold tea left a small heat ring on top of the many other stains from before.  These memories alone brings life to this piece.

Restore the Past

I decided I wanted to keep the night stand.  But first, it needs to be refurbished by given a fresh new look!

I started cleaning out the cob webs of dust, as it was sitting in storage for a few years before stumbling upon it, as well as other items.  I always loved the idea of finding hidden treasure buried within someone else’s past.  And to my surprise, I did exactly that!  Mind you, my use of the term treasure is quite broad, as it refers to any kind of item from the past that may have a story behind it.  In this case, I reached my hand to the very back of the night stand and pulled out a small stack of stamps from the late ‘80s; a grocery receipt from the Winn Dixie down the road that included a pack of cigarettes, a loaf of bread and some candy; a shopping list written in my grandmothers handwriting.  Nothing grand, but these small things were from 20 plus years ago and just brought back memories, which was nice.



Now to the fun part!


  1. Random Orbit Sander --You could also use a hand sander on small pieces, but this is great to even out scratches that sandpaper causes. Also, it has a bag attached to collect the dust, whereas any other form of sanding would result in a very dusty area!
  2. Sand Paper
  3. Paint of Choice: I chose  Serenity Blue Chalk Matte
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Tac Cloth or a lint free cloth
  6. Spray Paint

Remember to be in a well-ventilated area when sanding and using spray paint.  Use a face mask as well, if you wish.


A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

To begin, I want to make sure I have a nice and clean surface to work with.  While I love the thought of old things, I’m not fond of dirty!!  And it needed a good scrubbing.  With a bucket of water with a little dish soap and Awesome spray I wiped it down.

After letting it completely dry, I began to sand down the top.  I’m using a hand sander which can be kind of tricky.  Just remember to keep a level hand.  If you put too much pressure on one side it will leave circular marks in the wood.  Also, be sure to follow through with each pass.

Continue by sanding down the front of the drawers.  For the more intricate parts of the wood design, try using a sheet of sand paper.  This will help get some of the extra filth cleaned away and give you a fresh surface to work on.  After sanding, be sure to use a piece of tact cloth to get rid of the dust.  If you don’t have this, try using a cloth with little lent.  We want the surface to be clean and dust free!



A Fresh New Look

I chose to use a chalk paint with a matte finish.  This will give it the subtle look that I am going for.  The color I used is called Serenity Blue. Now it’s time to paint!  Use even strokes and be sure to let it dry before adding another coat.

I wanted to keep the original handles, so I removed them and used a silver spray paint.  Again, clean these bad boys up before painting.  Choose a paint that will survive use.  In my case, I picked a  Rust-Oleum metalic silver spray paint.  It’s rust and weather proof.  Of course, this will not be outside, but it is very durable.

Put it all back together and, viola, we have a classy piece of furniture.



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4 thoughts on “Restoration-Nightstand (80’s)”

    • Thank you, Freya! Yes, they were actually my grandma’s too. She collected China and antique pieces. Most those items were from England, as that is where she was from.

    • Thank you 🙂 I know what you mean about the cloth though! I found out the hard way when I was working on another piece and I didn’t use something like a Tac cloth. I was just surprised how much dust actually remains. The paint would just flake off!

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